Native Maize Starch


Raw maize starch is pure white starch obtained during wet milling of maize. Enormous amount of cornstarch is used in the production of corrugated board. A mixture of natural starch, borax, sodium hydroxide and water is suspended in a cooked starch (carrier) paste. After the gum is applied to the thread ends and subsequently heated, the natural starch gelatinizes in situ. Gelatinized starch binds together a corrugated paper strip and a smooth-surfaced liner.

• It is used to provide stability in viscosity.
• It prevents splashing during mixing or bonding of pin ends
•It allows economical and local formulations
• It is widely used in the sizing phase of paper and textile production.

Important notes:

  • Storage: In a cool and dry environment away from chemicals and odorous substances, not in direct contact with the ground.
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Packaging: Bulk, 25 kg. kraft bag
  • Product Coding System: The product code consists of four digits. At the beginning of the product code, “0” for bulk products, 25 kg. “6” in bags and “3” in big sacks.
  • Hazard Identifications: Starch powder has a risk of ignition and explosion. The environment must be adequately ventilated to prevent dusting. In case of fire, water is a suitable and sufficient extinguisher.