About Us

Since 1987 , our company has a successful business experience and knowledge about different of raw materials. Chemical materials are the beginning. Thereafter , our company started to work kind  with one of the biggest maize starch manufacturer in Turkey. We are distributor and exporter for corrugated cardboard starch products. Coragum, modified starch, concentrated product are main products for this industry.We serve to  our customers with well organized and experinced technical and sales teams .

In recent years , we started to serve poultry farms. We again work with one of the biggest manufacturer for these kinds of special chemicals. There are DCP, MCP, MDCP. Poultry farms need also vegetable acid oil , soybean meal , corn gluten. We supply these products too.

Sponge cake, egg powder , baking powder are our food group products . Also we are exporter for food grade and industrial grade SAPP , STTP , phosphoric acid according to our customers needs.