Nişkoz Coragum


Nişkoz Coragum is an indispensable glue for the corrugated cardboard industry. It is a very attractive solution for factories that make flexible production, as it is ready for use only by mixing with cold water. The main raw material of Niskoz Coragum is corn starch.

  • It allows the production speed to be kept at high levels.
  • It increases the adhesion and strength of the applied surface.
  • Increases the water resistance of the applied surface.
  • Reduces implementation costs – requires less manpower.
  • They do not require heating for preparation which also provides additional savings.
  • Viscosity remains constant during circulation.
  • It has a flexibility to adapt to the corrugated machine in terms of viscosity and concentration.
  • They are much more resistant to moisture compared to other adhesives.
Analytical DataUnit  Value
Humidity%< 13
pH Acidic11,5 – 12,5
Steinhall Viscosityps55-80
Gelation Point52 – 56*
*Varies by machine speeds

Important Notes:

  • Storage: It should be stored in a cool and dry environment away from chemicals and odorous substances.
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Packaging: Bulk, 25 kg. kraft bag.
  • Product Coding System: The product code consists of four digits. At the beginning of the product code, “0” for bulk products, 25 kg. “6” in bags and “3” in big sacks.
  • Risk Identification: Nişkoz Coragum Concentrate is not classified as ‘hazardous substances’. There is a risk of ignition and explosion of starch powder. The environment must be adequately ventilated to prevent dusting. In case of fire, water is a suitable and sufficient extinguisher.